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The Quilt box

Stillwater’s Quilting Little Shop!

Our fabric line is always growing, but not nearly as fast as we wish. We started with 200 bolts, and now have around 800.

We are doing our best to build and keep as much western fabric’s as we can get. It seems the big fabric company’s are not very big on western fabric’s, so they do not make a lot of it, another thing that make it hard to get a lot of the neat western stuff, is that a few big fabric store have an inside lock on a most of the supply of them.

We are going to be carrying OSU and OU fabric’s as we can get them, I understand that the one company that makes this type fabric, is cutting back on the variety and amounts of Collage Fabric’s, being the Big Box stores are no longer carrying them. but we will do our best to get all we can.

Almost all of our fabric is Quilt Shop only lines, and 100% cotton. The fabric make great quilts, but most of them do well in making dresses as well, and many other craft items. We carry both 45” and 108”, 100% cotton, and a some 60” 80/20 poly/cotton broadcloth.

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